In the News

by Megan Reburn

Tuesday, a few of our Shoppe-owners were able to share a bit about what they do & why they do it. It was truly a joy to open the door of The Bitterman at 4:30a.m. to allow this opportunity!

Deanna Allbrittin of 14News Evansville, allowed for a great amount of well-deserved attention to be given to our artisans--and we had a lot of fun drinking coffee (thanks to the newly opened Lucid Coffee located in The Bitterman), playing mini-cornhole (provided by Bruce Wilhite's Woodworking Shop) and spending time together.

Here are the links to the videos (in case you weren't up at the wee hours of the morning like we were!!)

{Watch all 3 videos by clicking on this LINK}