Events this Weekend

by Megan Reburn


Have you read, We're Combing the Beaches?? Want to meet the author? Donna G. Hendricks, author, artist, will be joining us at The Bitterman Friday and Saturday, April 17th & 18th for a book signing! She and her husband also have a few desirable antiques available for sale while here.

The time is now. The story is written to you, the child reading this book, any race or hair color. Come with me into this book and I will be your tour guide. I want you to see, hear, and feel everything!

I’ll show you all sorts of places: Paddling a canoe down the river, you watch as an alligator stretches out on the beach, an egret fishes nearby, or a manatee family rises through the water to breathe the air; you snorkel with the fishes in a creek; you take a ferry to an island and drink tea by a big lake.

Walking along the beach, you find shells and pebbles to make a cool rhythm instrument or pick up a feather to use as a prompt to write a poem or draw a treasure map. Some of the projects are easy; some are harder. You pick one you can do. We’ll have a grand time together, you and I.”  -Donna G. Hendricks

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We are having a paint party at the Bitterman on April 18th at 10 am! We hope you can join us! RESERVATIONS REQUIRED! (15" door hangers -$21.40 and 24" door hangers - $42.80) Reserve your spot!! Don't miss this great event put on right here at The Bitterman by Snickerdoodle Kids Art-- April 18th 10am-1pm

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