Open Spaces at The Bitterman

by Megan Reburn

The Bitterman, located right on Main St., in downtown Evansville, provides a rare shopping experience. Stepping inside one can find a variety of local artisan-owned shoppes, a few locally farm-fresh items, as well as local businesses Lucid Coffee, and Sunshine Juice Co.

Did you catch the key word there? LOCAL. Being in the heart of downtown, we are thrilled to support the community of artists/craftsmen and farmers/producers that fill the tri-state.

At this time we want to make you aware that we are accepting applications for new spaces within The Bitterman. Are you a local hand-crafted business owner? Farmer? Artist? We would love to have a look at your original shoppe ideas. Possibly you have a business concept similar to what we already have, if that is the case, we have a waiting list for just that purpose! We want to be sure that each shoppe is individually unique and has its chance to shine, as well as give the artist their best opportunity.

Have you been to visit us yet? If not, please stop in. You may find that you not only love to shop, hang out, and sip your favorite coffee or juice; but that you have just the thing that's the perfect fit for our open spaces!

You can find the application online at